5 Reasons People Are Moving To Texas

Five major cities in Texas are drawing more and more Americans away from where they live to this warm southern state. Austin, Dallas, Forth Worth, Houston and San Antonio boast some of the highest population growth statistics in the country.

Here are just five of the many reasons to call Texas home:

1. Greater Opportunities In Employment

Unlike many other areas of the country, Texas has jobs to offer, from those requiring a higher education to walk-in, no experience required types.

2. The Cost Of Living

Despite all the advantages the state of Texas has to offer, the cost of living here is surprisingly low, especially when compared to other highly coveted areas, such as Seattle or Sand Diego. Living in Texas doesn’t mean being forced to share an apartment with four other roommates and it doesn’t mean making a lot of sacrifices, just to call Texas home.

3. A Major City To Suit Any Personality

Texas, unlike many other states, has an abundance of metropolitan areas, each with a distinct personality and each having many different benefits to offer. Take Massachusetts, for example, which only boasts Boston; a great city, but there are many advantages to having multiple metros to choose from.

4. The Tax Arrangement For Texans

Living anywhere in Texas, you are subject to the sixth lowest tax burden in the United States, meaning only a handful of other states offer a more appealing tax arrangement for their residents. You pay no personal income tax here, leaving you a lot of extra cash to work with, compared to living in states where the state income tax is through the roof.

5. A Favorable Housing Market

Not only is land readily available in Texas, but it will cost you less, comparatively, than most other states. In addition to a more appealing price tag, Texas allows you to develop land much faster than you’re able to elsewhere, because they have a less regulation-intensive process of going from purchase to building. Many real estate investors and developers find Texas to be one of the most favorable markets to delve into, partly due to the greater affordability, but definitely due to the ease of development.

If you’re considering a move, you have many reasons to consider Texas. From the fast-paced, growing metro areas to the quiet, yet rich solitary places, Texas truly has it all and you can’t beat the price.